Weider Amino Essential

Weider Amino Essential

- Highly dosed capsules with all essential amino acids
- Rapid supply with highly dosed essential amino acids
- Can support the anabolic effect of an intense strength workout
- Regeneration can be positively influenced
- Blood flow in tissue can also be improved
- A stimulation of the immune system is possible
- As a result, the performance is increased

Amino acids, the essentials for a defined body!

What effects amino acids have on build-up muscles?

The human body needs proteins for the build up of muscles and for the maintenance of muscles. Protein consists of various amino acids. The intake especially of the essential amino acids improves the growth of muscles.

Moreover, amino acids can shorten the regeneration time of the muscular structure. Particulary leucine, one of the essential amino acid, ensures that the storage emptied after workout is quickly replenished. This means that the muscle can start building-up new substance again faster.

And increased intake of amino acids can stimulate the body´s own hormone system thereby enhancing the building-up of muscle mass.

People who train at a high level, burn proteins (amino acids) along with carbohydrates. In this case amino acids are indispensable to prevent catabolic effects.