Beast Sports Nutrition

Beast Sports Nutrition BCAA Ripped Black

Beast Sports Nutrition BCAA Ripped Black

This is the BCAA formula that helps you muscle up, get ripped, fuel epic workouts and recover. All with zero caffeine or other stimulants.BCAA Ripped Black gives you MCTs, a source of real, stable energy, to help you fly through the gym, CLA, to help your metabolism burn more fat, and zero caffeine, so you can take it whenever and however you want.

Why is it better?
BCAAs, instantized the right way. When you take a BCAA powder, you want it to dissolve in water quickly so that it can be absorbed as fast as possible, right? That's why we instantize ours. But watch out. Some BCAA products are advertised as "instantized" when in fact the amino acids in them have merely been crushed, or milled, into small particles. This isn't instantization. Don't let them fool you. The BCAAs in BCAA Ripped are gently spray-dried with non-GMO lecithin from sunflower (not soy). This is real instantization. The application of lecithin allows the BCAAs to dissolve in water faster. Faster = better.

The right ratio. Other brands advertise BCAA ratios that aren't backed by science. We may be in a post-truth society (kidding), but it's a fact that the 2:1:1 ratio used by Beast remains the most scientifically tested and proven. It also closely matches the BCAA ratio found in human muscle tissue. Quality tested in 8 ways: The quality of every lot of our instantized BCAAs is assured using at least 8 different tests, including identity tests, heavy metals, and microorganisms. We quality test every lot of our BCAAs to ensure that every bottle of BCAA Ripped you purchase delivers the same fantastic results.

MCTs. (A source of real energy.) For bodybuilders and like-minded athletes, medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) are a great source of real energy. MCTs are a healthy type of fat that your body burns quickly to release energy rather than storing it in fat cells. ("It's the fat that won't make you fat.") Pairing them with BCAAs is a match made in bodybuilding heaven: While the MCTs fuel your workouts, the BCAAs help you build and preserve lean muscle and recover from your workouts.

CLA. (To help you burn fat.) It gets even better. BCAA Ripped is the first BCAA formula not only with MCTs but also conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). CLA is another type of healthy fat that stimulates your metabolism to burn fat. Of course, the faster you burn fat, the easier it is to get lean.