Applied Nutrition

Applied Nutrition Critical Pump

Applied Nutrition Critical Pump

CRITICAL PUMP combines the latest, research proven ingredients in scientific dosages to give you explosive muscle pumps, blasting energy, complete focus and performance enhancing endurance.

No proprietary blends just research proven dosages of superior ingredients to give you SUPERIOR RESULTS!

CREATINE HCL - The most potent version of Creatine. No cycling, no loading, no bloating.
AMINO PUMP - AAKG, Citruline Malate, Beta-Alanine, Taurine. Forces blood into your muscles.
AGMATINE SULFATE - Prolonged, explosive muscle pumps. The most effective Nitric Oxide ingredient.
ASTRAGIN - Patented ginseng which increases Arginine & Creatine absorption, lowers blood glucose levels and increases ATP production.
NO CRASH - Patent pending formula ensures incredible focus with sustained energy.

Core Benefits:
Boosting Exercise Intensity & Longevity.
No Crash.
Maximises Focus & Performance.
Unparalleled Strength Increase.
Xplosive Muscle Pump.
Increase ATP Production.
Amino Pump Technology.
Ignite your Workout & Mind.

May support increased blood flow to muscles.
Increased muscle fullness & increased nutrient uptake.
Natural vegan agmantine sulphate.