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Olimp Nutrition Gainer MCT

Olimp Nutrition Gainer MCT

Gainer MCT is an iconic product whose first version was marketed in 1994. Today's perfect form of Gainer MCT is a result of long-established tradition and careful work on the composition.

Gainer MCT is an excellent source of concentrated energy, containing a properly selected set of carbohydrates and wholesome animal proteins - the perfect combination for effective muscle building.
The product is composed of both egg white albumin, characterised by an excellent amino acid profile, and the valuable whey protein concentrate. This combination allows the beneficial components to be gradually released over time in a proper manner. The research has shown that the protein promotes growth and maintenance of muscle bulk.
Carbohydrates with differentiated glycemic index ensure optimal absorption of saccharides of various complexities. Carbohydrates are the primary source of energy for working muscles and must be replenished by the people who work out in order to prevent the body from using structural proteins as the energy substrate. Simple carbohydrates are provided in the form of the purest and most easily absorbable dextrose.

The MCT oil is a complex which contains medium-chained fatty acids. MCTs (Medium-Chained Triglycerides) are an excellent source of energy and at the same time do not tend to accumulate in adipocytes, i.e. the fat tissue cells. Due to their specific structure, they are quickly absorbed and digested without natural emulsifying agents, such as bile or lipase.

Providing the body with those elements following the physical effort allows comprehensive and quick replenishment of glycogen reserves and helps maintain the energy balance at the desired level, protecting the body from catabolism.

Gainer MCT was complemented with a complex of 12 vitamins which should be replenished in order to effectively improve physical fitness. The product comprises creatine monohydrate which allows constant restoration of phosphocreatine reserves - the substrate necessary for ATP resynthesis at its fastest replenishment pathway possible. ATP is a compound which stores the energy in its chemical form, ready to be immediately transformed by the body into mechanical energy. The pathway of its resynthesis from phosphagens, one of which is the phosphocreatine, is of utmost importance in strength and speed-strength sports.

By using Gainer MCT you can be sure that your muscles never run out of valuable fuel and incentive for growth and regeneration. Only boosting your muscles with energy and building blocks in a comprehensive way will help you achieve a spectacular result - quick, safe growth and incredible strength!

Who is the target group?
The product is recommended especially for men who find it difficult to gain weight, in particular the muscle bulk.
The target group comprises also the athletes who work out at high intensity and the people who enjoy recreational sports - the product helps supplement the diet with additional concentrated energy sources.