Weider L-Arginine Caps

Weider L-Arginine Caps

Weider L-Arginine is a Nitric Oxide booster without added carbohydrates or caffeine. The supply of Argenine increases the muscles' blood flow and the result is an enormous pump effect, as muscles get supplied with nutrients continuously.

Taking Weider L-Arginine on a regular basis can lead to more lean muscle mass, strength and endurance; furthermore, taking Weider L-arginine has a positive effect on the muscles' recovery period.

- Ideal for the muscle and strength building phase,
- Increased blood flow results in the improved storage of nutrients in the muscles,
- Creates an anabolic situation during the workout which results in an enormous, long-lasting pump effect,
- Taking arginine on a regular basis can lead to more strength, endurance and lean muscle mass,
- Promotes the release of growth hormones,
- Promotes regeneration.