Weider Maximum Krea-Genic

Weider Maximum Krea-Genic

Maximum Krea-Genic contains added taurine for the rapid absorption of the Krea-Genic and for cell protection.The added calcium increases the muscles contraction capacity, which enables you to work out intensely, even on a diet. Alanine for additional energy.

Important properties:
- Double buffered, therefore longer stable,
- Complete absorption, directly into the muscles,
- With an added workout booster for increased pump effect and strength,
- Extra calcium for maximum contraction.

The formula was created with the most highly modern nutrients, after years of insights gained from specialists in the science behind workout.

Maximum Krea-Genic contains no carbohydrates, just simply pure Krea-Genic, Calcium, Taurine and Alanine.