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Olimp Nutrition Mega Strong Protein

Olimp Nutrition Mega Strong Protein

The pillar of success of DOMINATOR - the protein recommended by the Champion!
Unique on a global level!

Mega Strong Protein sets the latest trends in the quality and effectiveness of action of high-protein nutrients.


There has never been such a product before! The only such advanced complex of highest quality standard animal proteins in the form of the  SLOW-MO-PRO complex accounting for as much as 95% of the total composition of the nutrient.

The unique SLOW-MO-PRO formula encompasses all protein sources used to date in the supplementation process, while their mutual composition, precisely selected by the uncompromising scientists at OLIMP Laboratories, guarantees the helplessness of the competitors of OLIMP Mega Strong Protein.

Mega Strong Protein- the highest level of knowhow in protein supplementation

This elite high-protein nutrient guarantees the peak anabolism of muscle proteins through over 5 hours from the time of its consumption. This is achieved due its unique proportion of six full-value protein sources, guaranteeing the complete saturation of the blood with the most desired amino acid profile.  The exclusive composition and magical flavour offered by Mega Strong Protein meets the requirements of even the most demanding sports professionals and any person exercising recreationally, showing an increased demand for proteins or striving to achieve quick muscle growth. 

Mega Strong Protein- the essence of anabolism in the power of anti-catabolic action!

The unique composition of Mega Strong Protein is based on six highest quality protein sources: micellar casein, concentrate, isolate and hydrolisate of whey proteins, egg white albumin and glutamine peptide. All this is supplemented by the addition of pharmaceutically pure L-glutamine, which from seconds after consumption constitutes the ideal protection against the catabolism of muscle structures, giving the time necessary for starting the assimilation of amino acids originating from the hydrolisate of whey proteins, which takes place just 30 minutes after consumption. It is followed almost immediately by the absorption of amino acids originating from the concentrate and isolate (micro-filtered under cross-flow - CFM) of whey proteins, which provide the powerful explosion of amino acid level in the blood stream, guaranteeing the continuous anabolism at the highest level. During 90 minutes from the time of taking Mega Strong Protein, the stream of amino acids is fed with the initiated digestion and assimilation of the highest quality egg white albumin, glutamine peptide and exclusive micellar casein. These three precisely set protein sources feature a very long digestion time, which in the case of micellar casein is over 5 hours, which makes them excellent anabolic tools with strongly marked anti-catabolic action. They guarantee a high level of the most valuable amino acids in the blood, including L-glutamine, when all other protein sources have already been absorbed.

The consumption of Mega Strong Protein ensures the extremely effective non-weakening hit wave of anabolic amino acids, which from the very beginning of its action involves all metabolic mechanisms of the body in the start of the synthesis and regeneration process of muscle structures. The entire process is topped up with enrichment of OLIMP Mega Strong Protein with taurine and vitamin complex enabling effective assimilation of MEGA protein dose contained in this exclusive nutrient. The long kinetics of absorption of glutamine peptide, egg white albumin and primarily the micellar casein, create at the same time ideal conditions, effectively and for a long time preventing the catabolic processes which could threaten the regenerated muscle tissue. This effect is additionally strengthened by a very high concentration of branched chain amino acids occurring in the blood stream as a result of the digestion of the elite mixture of three types of whey proteins. This is the anti-catabolic power offered by Mega Strong Protein.

The richest amino acid profile Mega Strong Protein - the OLIMPic standard for the most demanding individuals.

The professional composition of Mega Strong Protein was created having in mind the assistance, support and facilitation in achieving the objectives rather then reducing them in any way, therefore any time is good for taking Mega Strong Protein. It can clearly be stated that because of the time of its application, this is the universal protein nutrient and definitely the elite one considering its effect. It is ideal for the post-training supplementation of protein deficit, when the presence of easily digestible  highest quality hydrolisate, isolate and concentrate of whey proteins and the pharmaceutically pure L-glutamine, will provide the quick saturation of the blood with the most anabolic known amino acid profile. This effect effectively extends the slowly digested ultra pure egg white proteins, glutamine peptide and elite micellar casein.   Mega Strong Protein is also an excellent choice just before sleep or as a substitute meal not just during the time of reducing fatty tissue.

Who is Mega Strong Protein for?

The preparation is dedicated for all individuals with an increased demand for high quality protein. It is especially recommended for people keen on quick growth of lean muscle mass and strength, i.e. mainly for professional sportsmen (body builders, weight lifters) and also for individuals exercising on a recreational basis.
It is an excellent supplement for the regenerative proteins for sportsmen involved in sports requiring endurance and in combat disciplines both during the preparatory period and the pre-start reduction of the body weight.  Mega Strong Protein is also an ideal alternative for a meal that is part of a balanced diet, for overweight individuals willing to lose excess fatty tissue and individuals with an active lifestyle, as an additional source of protein, positively affecting the muscle regeneration of the body.
This professional high-protein nutrient will meet perfectly the expectations of women, who frequently disregard the issue of appropriate supply of protein during the body weight reduction period, which very effectively intensifies the reduction of fatty tissue.

Mega Strong Protein ideally works with...

In order to achieve the maximum increase of high quality muscle mass, it is suggested to combine this product during the post-training period with carbohydrate nutrient CARBONOX  and creatine magnesium chelate MAGNA POWER (CREATINE MAGNA POWER - OLIMP), in the quantity recommended by the producer. An important supplement showing a synergy of action concerns also L-arginine in the form of ARGI POWER 1500 MEGA CAPS, AAKG 7500 Extreme Shot  or preparations increasing the level of testosterone (TRIBUSTERON 90, ACETOSTERON).

In order to maximise the reduction of fatty tissue, it is recommended to combine Mega Strong Protein during the pre-training period with a selected thermogenic product manufactured by OLIMP (Thermo Speed , Thermo Stim, Therm Line forte or Therm Line II), with the dose conforming to producer' suggestions.

The summary identical effect of as many as six elite protein sources does not leave any doubts about the absolute anabolic effect guaranteed by the sophisticated composition of Mega Strong Protein.
The latest product of Olimp Laboratories from the unchallenged Dominator series easily meets any, even the most demanding requirement set for high-protein products, which would satisfy even the most demanding professionals.
Do you want to be one of them? Take Mega Strong Protein created for the very elite of sport.