USN Muscle Fuel MASS

USN Muscle Fuel MASS

- Quality protein from 7 whole protein sources and added amino acids (total of 46 000mg amino acids),
- Advanced time release system for sustained protein uptake,
- High protein formula including WPC,
- Lactose enzymes for optimal milk solid utilization (Lactazyme),
- Naturally high in BCAA's and Glutamine,
- Added Taurine, Leucine, Iso-leucine and Valine (BCAA's),
- Great tasting, instant creamy shake for any time of the day.

MUSCLE FUEL MASS is formulated for the “hard gainer” with a fast metabolism who demands a high level of carbohydrate to prevent the breakdown of tissue protein for energy by the body.

The amino acids are derived from a blend of Whey protein and Casein, Soy Protein, Egg Albumen and added BCAA's to provide a time released delivery of nitrogen.

MUSCLE FUEL MASS is high in BCAA's and L-Glutamine. These amino acids are important chemical units that make up protein.
MUSCLE FUEL MASS is ideal for individuals battling to gain weight, as well as athletes training for 3 hours or more per day, as a post -exercise nutrition shake.

For any person who needs a high quality nutrition shake that's high in premium protein and carbs to assist in gaining lean muscle; bodybuilders, athletes and non-training individuals who need an alternative to regular foods.