MET-Rx Original Meal Replacement


MET-Rx Original Meal Replacement

Great Tasting And Convenient Meal Replacement With A Blend Of Protein, Calcium, Vitamins And Minerals!
America's original and best selling protein drink mix, with a unique combination of high levels of proprietary METAMYOSYN protein, vitamins, nutrients and anti-oxidants in a great tasting, convenient and easy-to-use packet. Engineered for the athlete and fitness enthusiast that demands a no-nonsense solution to their fitness nutrition needs, and is not easily swayed by cheap copycat products, claims and hype.

- America's original and best selling protein drink mix -packed with 37grams of high-quality METAMYOSYN protein.
- Physician designed- understanding the effects of nutrition on physiology
- Very high levels of glutamine - both free form and peptide bonded
- The MET-Rx program is designed to quickly and efficiently reduce body fat and increase lean muscle mass.
- Low in fat and low in sugar with NO sucrose or fructose added
- 100% RDA for calcium and high in antioxidants.