Nutrex Out Rage Shots

Nutrex Out Rage Shots

Formulated To Increase Energy, Improve Mental Focus, Offer All Day Endurance And Boost Performance.

Energize your body with our NEW anytime extreme energy shot! Whether you are hitting the gym hard, going for a run, playing sports, or even just in need of some energy during the day, OUTRAGE Extreme Energy Shot fires you up! Don't let tiredness stand in your way, OUTRAGE Extreme Energy Shot was formulated to increase energy, improve mental focus, promote endurance, and boost performance.

The 16oz energy drinks are a thing of the past; this shooter offers all you need in just 4 ounces. Each 4 ounce bottle contains 2 full servings of non-stop energy. Who has time for shaker cups and carrying around tubs of powder to mix when you can just grab our shot and go! No matter if kept at room temperature or in the fridge, Outrage shots are guaranteed to always taste great! Take a shot and FEEL the difference!