CNP Pro Synthesize

CNP Pro Synthesize

Pro SyntheSize boasts a highly concentrated formula, developed by some of the leading formulation scientists in the Sports Nutrition industry. Pro SyntheSize contains Creapure, which acts to enhance physical performance during short bouts of high intensity exercise. Carnosyn has also been added as a high-quality form of Beta Alanine. Alongside 3000mg of Leucine, Pro SyntheSize delivers a fully loaded formula for performance.

The Pro SyntheSize formulation supports normal muscle function and protein synthesis within the body with Magnesium, while helping to reduce fatigue and support a normal energy-yielding metabolism - ideal for users following a specialist diet.

Pro SyntheSize is the ultimate formula to support high intensity training program. The added Carnosyn aims to enhance the buffering capacity of muscle decreasing acidosis to delay fatigue during each workout.