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Olimp Nutrition Profi Mass

A new definition of building a muscular and well-sculpted silhouette has been established – follow pure muscle mass!

A professional supplement increasing fat-free muscle mass gain. It is based on a complex of advanced composite carbohydrates, and uses long-chain maltodextrins as well as perfect large-particle waxy maize starch, with low glycemic indices. The carbohydrate base has been additionally complemented with an advanced protein formula, containing a matrix of perfectly assimilated whey protein concentrate, isolate and hydrolysate combined with slow-absorbing exclusive micellar casein. An ideal ratio of full-value proteins and complex carbohydrates, ensuring an optimum gain of fat-free body mass, has been enriched with isomaltulose, MCT oil, L-glutamine, taurine and a complex of the most essential vitamins.
Profi Mass composition ensures mutual synergy of all ingredients to provide the maximum anabolic effect at the minimum level of body fatness.

Profi Mass will ensure maximum gain of fat-free muscle mass!

Here comes irrefutable evidence...

Profi Mass contains the most advanced supplementary protein matrix combining all fractions of milk protein (whey protein hydrolysate, concentrate and isolate as well as best quality micellar casein) with a BV value of almost 159. The applied protein source ratio was selected based on a precisely determined rate of digestion kinetics and amino acid release to the blood system but also considering the effectiveness of their absorption into the cells and integration with the body’s own structures. The unusually efficient protein blend ensures the highest level of blood saturation with protein digestion products within 15 minutes of its administration (whey protein hydrolysate), reaching the maximum concentration within 45 minutes to 2 hours (whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate, egg white albumins, micellar casein) and maintaining a high level for a subsequent 6 hours (micellar casein).

Carefully selected quantities and types of protein sources ensure the amino acid profiles most desired for muscle regeneration. It is particularly rich in essential and branched chain amino acids. Therefore, taking Profi Mass guarantees maintaining the highest anti-catabolic effect, both during intense physical effort and just after it, contributing to supercompensation of building components. Such favourable physiological conditions ensure the highest efficiency of post-training regeneration. Whey protein isolate and micellar casein will additionally reveal their high potential in the lipolysis process intensification to change the sportsperson's silhouette profile and free it from excess fat.

Profi Mass effectiveness, besides carefully selected protein fractions, results from an innovative Low-GLC formula based only on carbohydrates with a low glycemic index (poly- and oligosaccharides, long-chain waxy maize starch, isomaltulose).

The concept of the applied carbohydrate complex action is based on the assumption of maintaining a stable insulin level in the blood in the context of anabolic stability and moderateness. It excludes fluctuation of sugar level in the serum and guarantees an uninterrupted absorption of energetic ingredients in the muscle cells. It ensures, together with a simultaneous supply of amino acids, a permanent anabolic condition in the body and very effective replenishment of muscle and liver glycogen stock. A moderate monosaccharide level in the blood, reached after taking Profi Mass, protects a sportsperson against a reduction in the insulin receptor sensitivity to the hormone, which can happen in the case of supplying a large quantity of glucose. Carbohydrates from the Profi Mass formula constitute an endless source of energy immediately after intake (fructose) and maintain a stable carbohydrate supply just 30 minutes after intake (maltodextrins) for almost 4 hours (long-chain waxy maize starch and isomaltulose).

It ensures the direct availability of energetic ingredients just after the end of training. An addition of MCT oil additionally enhances regeneration processes so that the subsequent growth and adaptation of the muscle tissue loaded during the training is possible without any obstacles.

Vitamins condition effectiveness of metabolic transformations!
A complex of as many as 12 vitamins added to Profi Mass ensures effective action of all enzymes participating in metabolic changes assisting muscle tissue regeneration and growth. Vitamins and minerals absolutely absolutely be completed, since their loss during intense effort is great, significantly reducing the quality of all biochemical processes in the sportsperson's body. You cannot accept it! Supplying selected vitamins from Profi Mass guarantees intensification of the anabolic effect resulting from the presence of a high concentration of amino acids and carbohydrates from digestion of both ultra-modern formulas - carbohydrate and protein. Additionally, a high anti-oxidising potential provided by some vitamins helps maintain a low level of free radicals that are massively created in the muscle cells during intense physical effort.

Can we boost protein anabolism even more?

Absolutely! Taurine is the answer. It accelerates protein metabolism and assimilation and additionally, by reducing serotonin production, impedes muscle protein catabolism. It improves carbohydrates assimilability, reducing their level in the blood and facilitates creatin transport to the muscles. It thus greatly improves body regeneration and has a positive impact on the functions of the liver, nervous system and blood circulation. The addition of L-glutamine, with action synergistic to taurine, guarantees a maximum high anti-catabolic effect just after taking Profi Mass.

Who is Profi Mass intended for?

Profi Mass is a perfect resource of regenerating ingredients with perfectly selected release kinetics and in contrast to all other "mass" products on the market can be used just before going to sleep with no risk of increasing body fatness. It makes the ideal product for bodybuilders and gym enthusiasts, particularly while working on defining their muscle shapes. Profi Mass forms a valuable supplementation aid for people having problems building high quality musculature, deprived of the ability to store fat, typical of a certain group of people (endomorphists).
Moreover, Olimp Laboratories created Profi Mass for sports amateurs and people doing sports in their leisure time, who often have no time for observing a balanced diet due to the great intensity of their professional life. The nourishing Profi Mass cocktail, drunk at a mealtime, is the perfect ally assisting in maintaining a sporty silhouette.
Profi Mass is also recommended for people doing endurance sports, such as martial arts, cycling, marathons etc., where long-lasting, intense effort requires a constant supply of energetic components.

Profi Mass itself forms a perfect blend of the highest quality nutrients and regulating ingredients, which means it does not require combining with any other supplements or conditioners. Profi Mass composition ensures optimum absorption of sugars and amino acids to the intensely working muscle cells, which is crucial for being successful in any sports discipline.