Olimp Nutrition

Olimp Nutrition Redweiler Shot

Olimp Nutrition Redweiler Shot

1. What is R-weiler Shot?

R-weiler Shot - a Pre-workout dietary supplement- is a composition of popular ingredients in the form of a handy shot. Experts from the Olimp company made sure that the doses of ingredients used ensure optimal support and help to overcome the obstacles on the way to the dream effects. Thanks to the tested raw materials, innovative laboratory technology and an experienced research team, a product which supports the work on muscular, athletic body and physical condition was created. Its liquid form guarantees faster absorption and quicker effects - feel the real power from the first sip!

2. Ingredients of R-weiler Shot - a precise solution

R-weiler Shot is a multi-component mixture of substances that have been effectively supporting those who work out in their intense trainings for a long time. The formula is based on a high dose of beta-alanine, an amino acid that supports our struggle with increasing fatigue during exercising. Olimp company decided to also use such popular substances as taurine, caffeine or L-tyrosine. The composition was complemented by natural extract of cayenne pepper (containing capsaicin), which further enhances the overall effect of the supplement and increases the absorption of the ingredients. The key to R-weiler Shot, however, is the dose/serving. The doses recommended by the Olimp brand experts allow to safely and effectively strengthen your body. Moreover, raw materials used for the production of this supplement were microbiologically tested as well as analyzed for heavy metals content. R-weiler Shot is a complete product - both in terms of effects and quality.

3. Effects and features R-weiler shot - how does it work?

- Improved endurance which protects us from increasing fatigue and allows longer workout time (beta-alanine)

- Greater concentration and boost of energy (caffeine)

- Less muscle fatigue (beta-alanine)

- Increased amount of heat produced, which reduces the synthesis of fat in adipocytes (cayenne pepper extract)


All this in the form of a small and handy shot is available in two refreshing flavors (cola or orange). Decide for yourself how your success will taste like!