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NOW Foods Red Clay Powder Moroccan


NOW Foods Red Clay Powder Moroccan

- Facial Detox,
- Sensitive Skin Types.

Condition: Sensitive Skin in need of detoxification to remove impurities and in need of a smaller pore size and tighter skin tone.

Solution: Moroccan Red Clay is a natural powder clay that is highly absorbent and mixes easily with water and other moisturizing products. It serves as an excellent facial cleanser and purifying masque, especially for individuals with sensitive skin.

Red Clay Powder Other Ingredients:
NOW Moroccan Red Clay consists of Ilite (a natural mineral silicate) Pure

Red Clay Powder Recommended Use:
Mix one tablespoon of NOW Red Clay powder with one teaspoon of water.
Thoroughly cover the face and neck avoiding sensitive areas and the eyes, allow to set for 15-20 minutes, rinse off and apply moisturizer.