SmartShake Shaker Original2Go


SmartShake Shaker Original2Go

Introducing the latest addition to the SmartShake family, the brand new Original2GO. Original2GO comes in a bigger size, a modern glossy surface, smoother edges and with an easy-to-carry clip that allows you to easier carry your bottle with you during the day. 

The three storage compartments gives you the freedom to bring everything you need for your everyday use, your protein powder, vitamins, supplements and more, all in one solution, designed for your everyday use. And since the bottle is 100% leak proof you can also fill it with any fluids you wish to bring already in the morning and be ready for your day.

Since the bottle is made out of high quality toxic free plastic and is food graded you don´t have to worry about the plastic releasing any toxics for your body to take up when using. The bottle is also microwave safe, dishwasher safe, freezer safe and recyclable. Made to support you in your everyday life.