PhD Smart Bar

PhD Smart Bar

1 million bars sold in the first 47 days upon release means that Smart Bar is a protein bar phenomenon, especially in an age when market proliferation is high. PhD Nutrition have always been the leaders in high protein, low sugar products that enable you to achieve your performance lifestyle goals and follow your lean lifestyle with macro-controlled, great tasting products. Smart Bar and our extensive Diet Whey range (powders, drinks, bars and squeezy's) have proved that we are the go-to brand for the those who are serious about following a low-carb plan, yet don't want to sacrifice taste and indulgence.

Smart Bar is an amazing tasting bar, even by confectionery standards, you could happily sit this bar next to leading chocolate bars and we would win on taste. Except in the case of Smart Bar, you don't get tonnes of sugar and fat, you get 20 grams of quality protein and less than 2g of sugar, all wrapped up in under 250 calories. How we have done this has even surprised the clever people at PhD.

The Smart Bar is great to be eaten between meals or instead of a meal (we at PhD like eating them before bed so to help with late night sugar cravings, or mid afternoon to brighten up your taste buds for the day after a clean chicken salad lunch) but they can be eaten anytime you need a high protein snack that delivers big time on taste and results.

Available in 5 dessert-style flavours such as Chocolate Brownie, Choc Peanut Butter and Cookies and Cream, Smart Bar is fast becoming the nation's favourite protein bar.

PhD Smart Bar is a great tasting, triple layered high protein, low sugar bar that is free from palm oil. Available in 5 delicious flavours and with 20g of quality protein and less than 2g of sugar per bar, PhD Smart Bar is the intelligent way to get your daily protein fix without adding unwanted carbs.