PhD Smart Jack

PhD Smart Jack

What is SmartJack
SmartJack is a delicious, oven baked, high protein flapjack that tastes just how flapjacks should do; wholesome, crumbly and with that delicious home baked taste.

Available in Blueberry Muffin, Chocolate Peanut & Triple Chocolate. SmartJack is suitable for Vegetarians.

Who is SmartJack for?
SmartJack is the intelligent way to get your heart-healthy oats and multi-functional protein, both helping to deliver on your gym and energy goals, with fewer than 230 calories.

If you are looking for a great tasting on the go protein and energy source that fits within your daily macro goals, then make the Smart Choice and choose SmartJack.

The Benefits of SmartJack
SmartJack delivers an impressive 15g Protein, higher than most great tasting traditional flapjacks on the market, yet despite it's amazing taste, it contains around only 8 grams of sugar.

Because the majority of the carbohydrate content of SmartJack is derived from healthy oats, it offers a great source of low GI carbohydrates for sustainable energy. The oats also deliver other health benefits for the gym goer and healthy life-style seeker, such as lowering LDL Cholesterol which is vital for cardiovascular function.

When to use SmartJack
SmartJack is a great tasting, high protein snack to bridge the gaps between meals, it will help feelings of satiety and fullness, helping you keep your macros in check and satisfy both taste and performance.