PhD Waxy Vol

PhD Waxy Vol

What is PhD Waxy Vol?
PhD Nutrition Waxy Vol is derived from pure UK barley and provides complex carbohydrates and beta glucan fibre.

Waxy Vol can be used by athletes from all sports, seeking a pure carbohydrate powder that is low in fat and sugar. It can also be added to your PhD protein shake to create a balanced protein to carbohydrate ratio.

Waxy Vol Benefits
Slow burning Carbohydrates from raw barley, can be added to protein or all-in-one products.

Waxy Vol is a healthy source of carbohydrates available natural or flavoured.

Who is Waxy Vol suitable for?
Strength athletes seeking extra quality calories
Endurance athletes, pre or post event (for example, when carb loading)
Strength athletes needing a post workout carbohydrate source after intense training
Long-term endurance and stamina athletes (Tri-athletes, marathon runners)
Athletes who want to add quality carbohydrates to a high protein powder and build their own mass gainer