Flexsports Wrist Wraps

Flexsports Wrist Wraps

Flex Sports Neo-Pro Buckle Wrist Wraps White (pair)

Neo Pro Wrist Wraps can help provide support and stability to the wrist area for many activities*. Wrist wraps can help relieve the discomfort of wrists with ailments such as carpal tunnel syndrome. (Buckle design): insert Velcro strap through plastic loop, put hand through opening, pull back strap and fasten.

Neo Pro Wrist Wraps by Flexsports International are manufactured from high-quality neoprene, the material used in the construction of wet suits. The neoprene is double lined with nylon for added comfort and durability: they are water resistant and washable. Neoprene offers excellent padded support while insulating and retaining the body's natural heat.

The Buckle design is medium in size and is "one size fits all".

Neo Pro Wrist Wraps can be used for activities such as:
? Exercising ? Cycling ? Hiking ? Golfing ? Tennis ? Construction
? Football ? Racquetball ? Warehouse Work ? Baseball
? Basketball ? Rehabilitation ? Water Skiing
? Jet Skiing ? Wind Surfing