Nature's Way

Nature's Way Liquid Coconut Premium Oil

Nature's Way Liquid Coconut Premium Oil

- Premium Oil,
- Great for Cooking,
- Superior Flavor,
- Natural Energy - 93% MCTs - Non-GMO,
- Expeller Pressed.

Stays Liquid When Refrigerated.

Pure, Expeller Pressed Oil
- From premium, non-GMO coconuts,
- Non-hydrogenated; No trans fat,
- Hexane-free; No solvents used.

Superior Flavor
- Delicious taste & smell of fresh coconuts,
- Enhances flavor of your favorite foods.

93% MCTs for Natural Energy
- 13 g of medium chain triglycerides (lauric/capric/caprylic acids) per tablespoon,
- Used by the body to produce energy,
- Ideal for healthy lifestyles, exercise and weight loss programs.

Good for Hair & Skin
- Hair Care: Apply directly to hair before washing as a natural conditioner,
- Skin Care: Apply directly onto skin as a natural moisturizing lotion.